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Tec Center specializes in TV repairs, DSTV installation and anything audio visual. With our years of experience and skills, we quickly do the repairs so the fun never stops.

About Tec Center

Welcome to Tec Center, the one stop electronics repair company. We repair and install all models and brands of electronics.
We service and repair all makes of commercial and domestic electronics. We specialize in plasma TVs, LED TVs, DSTV installation and audio visual. Due to advancements in technology, Tec Center re-considered to combine electronics in order to make sure that all our clients are well taken care of and meet their needs.

We offer in-store major repair services as well as on-site minor repair call out Services.

Why We Repair

Whenever an electronics breaks a series of events follows. Some may take hours to try and fix the problem themselves. Or even when it comes to installing electronics themselves. Without the proper knowledge something could easily be overlooked making things worse. That is why at Tec Center we offer our years of experience to both commercial and domestics. With our skilled technicians we have repaired numerous TV, DSTV installations and helped with audio visual requirements.
With Tec Center our goal is to help get our customers up and running without having to invest in replacing their setups.

What We Do

TV Repairs

TV Repairs

We specialize in repairing a variety of leading brands such as Samsung, LG, Hisence and more. Whether you have problems such as power, sound, picture, or maybe something else, our skilled team knows how to repair TVs. 

DSTV Installations

When it comes to TV entertainment DSTV has a variety of content. Sports, movies, series and music. This can only be enjoyed though once it’s setup. Tec Center offers the complete solution for DSTV and even XtraView installs.
Audio Visual

Audio Visual

When it comes to audio visual, what we do not only sounds right but looks fantastic! We install projectors, TV wall mounts, internet, sound bars, speakers such as ceiling speakers, amplifiers and much more.

Feature Brands We Repair

Sony Bravia
Russell Hobbs

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    Tec Center is your simple and reliable solution for your household appliances and Electronics such as TV’s, Fridges, Freezers, Audio Visual set ups and DSTV installations and repairs, we will take care of your appliances and Electronics starting from the installation and maintenance, We’re sure to meet all your requirements.

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