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Tec Center specializes in On-Site TV Repair Services and we repair a variety of leading brands… Whether you have problems such as no power, sound only but no picture, no sound, or maybe something else, our skilled teams knows how to repair TVs.

Book a call out today and you can do so by sending us an email or simply whatsapp to: 081 285 2586

TV Repairs Made Easy

At Tec Center, we have the expertise and capabilities of repairing TVs. We specializes in on-site TV repair services.

We have years of experience and we send our expertise directly to your homes or offices, you just book a call out and we schedule a time and date mostly convenient for you and we will send our Technicians who will troubleshoot and provide solutions.

We also do collect but your TV can only be collected if it is really necessary, if it’s a big problem, then our Technicians will safely transport your TV to and from our workshop so that it can get the needed repairs.

Here at Tec Center We also do insurance jobs, so whether you are looking for a damage report, insurance quote or a repair service? we got you covered

We Got You Covered

In-Store Repair Services

Major Repairs are carried out at our repair centers, simply book a call out and we will arrange for collection of your TV during normal work hours or you can drop off your TV at  your nearest Tec Center’s drop off point.

On-Site TV Repair Services

Upon request, we arrange a call out at a time and date most convenient for you and Our Technicians will offer you an on-site repair service if its possible to do so.

With on-site repairs, you save from unnecessary costly Collect and Deliver services, especially if it’s just something small.

And Should it be a big problem that needs serious attention? Our Technicians will safely transport your TV to and from our workshop so that it can get the needed repairs.

                                                                     WHY TEC CENTER SPECIALIZES IN ON-SITE & CALL OUT SERVICE?

1. Nowadays people are buying huge and  enormous TVs and can’t manage to carry it to one of our repair centers. 

2. Very complicated Installations, some TVs are wall mounted and we try to make things easy by sending our Technicians to you.

3 We understand that the Elderly and women needs help in handling of a TV.

4. Companies can’t afford staff to leave desk just to drop off a TV when our Technicians can come to you.

5. TVs are very fragile, We’ve reported many incidents where clients cracked their TV before even reaching to us due to poor handling.

Nb: Call out fee applies.

No extra charge for the evenings and weekends.

Feature Brands We Repair

Sony Bravia
Russell Hobbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can collect the TV unit and complete the repairs at our repair center.
If you have a broken screen and this is considered beyond economical repairs, it may be best to consider purchasing a new TV unit. Screen repairs are in the same price range as buying a completely new TV.

Here at Tec Center we understand that our customers have their own schedules. That is why whenever we are doing an on-site visit, we do this purely by arrangement on what is most convenient to our customers.

When we arrive on-site, we will need to ask a few brief questions to be pointed in the right direction. Thereafter our team can move in to do the installation or repairs. Since we use specific equipement there may be some noise which we will aim to keep to a minimum.

Yes! This is a common problem for all L.E.D TV”s, after a couple of years L.E.D’s goes and they need to be replaced.

Yes its fixable, TV sets uses circuit boards and if one of them fails you end up having no power.

Mainly it will be a result of faulty circuit boards (cpu, psu etc) and yes it is something that can be fixed.

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    No extra charge for the evenings and weekends

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