DSTV Installations

When it comes to TV entertainment DSTV has a variety of content. This can only be enjoyed though once it’s setup. Tec Center offers the complete solution for DSTV and even XtraView installs.

DSTV Installations Made Easy

Whether its a new installation or perhaps you have just moved to a new place and want your Dstv installed, If that’s the case, we got you covered, we do installations from the start to the end whether its Explora, or HD decoders.

Since we deal with both the domestic and commercial industries we understand that certain schedules or routines are in place. So before we do any on-site inspections, we arrange with our customers a time and date which is most convenient for them. 

Again, this is only done at a time and date most convenient to our customers. Since we are going into a family home or workplace, we will do our best to keep noise to a minimum. Once everything is done, our team will move out so your family, staff or customers can enjoy the newly installed DSTV setup. 

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Don’t miss your favorite show, contact us now for quick repairs our skilled technical teams will do an on-site visit at a convenient time to identify the problem and do the repairs.

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What We Do

Dish Alignment

Dish Alignment

Are you getting poor or no signal on your pre-installed DSTV? That could mean your Dish is out and needs to be aligned or your LNB needs replacing.
Extra View HD

Extra View HD

do you know that you can link your DSTV to three TV’s in three different rooms, different channels and all in HD under one account? All you need is an explora and two small decoders and our specially trained technicians will handle the set up mechanisms. With Dstv third environment, you save!
HDMI Extending

HDMI Extending

When it comes to modern TV’s, Definition is what matters most, why pay a lot of money for your smart TV and still miss out the high definition feature that it was made for?
We have helped many to enjoy the best part of smart TV’s by extending HDMI cables or by using converters so that you get the best picture possible in HD.

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    No extra charge for the evenings and weekends

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