Fridge and Freezer Repairs or Regass

Keeping your fresh and frozen perishables safe in your fridge or freezer. Maintaining that perfect temperature at all times. 

Fridge and Freezer Installations Made Easy

At Tec Center we understand that Kitchen is the center of life in your home especially the fridge section and when your fridge or freezer breaks down, it’s an emergency and That is why when it comes to fridge or freezer repairs, we always makes sure that we have given you fast, reliable and the best service possible. We handle both commercial and residential aspect, we service in homes, restaurants, shops, hotels butcheries etc.
With our years of experience, we quickly do the repairs so the fun never stops.

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Fridge and Freezer Regas

As time goes, fridges and Freezers do run out gas and this leads to warm fridge or Freezer and that’s when Tec Center comes in, REGASSING
When it comes to refrigeration, our Technicians always makes sure that they don’t just attack the symptom and leave the cause, warm fridges and freezers are signs of leaks within the unit and that’s the reason our experienced technicians always makes sure that leak detection has been done as it’s the vital aspect when it comes to fridge repair service.

Fridge Maintenance And Service

Servicing your Fridge is very crucial as it lengthens the lifespan of your Fridge and keeps your food fresh and safe, over time rubbers and doors wears out and they don’t close or seal properly as they used to and if this is your case, we got you covered, book a call out and we will send our specially trained Technicians to service your Appliance before you lose your food.

Our Technicians can work on any Fridge that you might have including Air conditions and cold rooms.

Why Fix Your Fridge Or Freezer With Tec Center?

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    No extra charge for the evenings and weekends

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